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About Us

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Developing your creative haircutting skills is a journey that takes commitment; it is what separates you from the competition.   Reward yourself and the success of your journey with what is considered by many to be the world’s most advanced handcrafted scissors available.

Designed from a concept of comfort, Tara Scissors not only offer you an unmatched selection of the finest Japanese Hand Crafted Haircutting Tools, we also offer you complete customization as well.  Style, elegance and grace are what set us apart; haircutting tools that performs like an extension of your hand.  We believe cutting hair should be Art, not Work.

Nothing but the absolute finest Japanese metals and alloys go into constructing Tara Scissors, giving you the exceptional sharpness, balance and ergonomics you are looking for with performance that is second to none.

Tara Scissors carefully selects its distributors from the top of the hair industry, ensuring you that your individual needs and requirements are perfectly met.  Their vast knowledge will comfortably guide you into making the right investment decisions.

We invite you to contact us or any of our knowledgeable distributors with any questions you may have, knowing our website is just one component of what Tara Scissors represents. ­­­­­­­­­

The journey of Tara Scissors, like yours, is ongoing.

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